All the World is a School

Join Us for an Adventure Learning About the World of Which We are Citizens

Welcome! Come tour the world with us, continent by continent, through our comprehensive and creative country studies. Together we will be taken into the rich and inspiring folklore of various countries. We will watercolor maps, learn about the wildlife, build fairy villages, weave kilts, host the Olympics, eat banana gondolas, write in picturesque scripts, create dragons, and much more! We will make traditional meals so fragrant and delicious your home will smell as if it was transported to the country you are studying. We will watch folk dances, listen to traditional music, and then discover more enchanting tales. Together, we will explore the world!

Through our FREE country studies you will have a complete, comprehensive, and hands on world geography and cultures curriculum with step by step instructions for all projects.

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Current Update:

New Australia and Mexico Country Studies are posted as well as a Native America Study!

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What This Site Offers and Will Offer:


On our Country Study Pages you will find month long, complete geography and culture curriculums for selected countries. For each individual country study, you will find a booklist, an introduction to the country and the beauty of the region, mapmaking projects, projects based on traditional folktales, projects based on the traditional clothing of the region, recipes for cooking traditional meals, art projects, links to become familiar with the traditional music and dance of that country, and more.


By clicking on our “Explore Nature” tab you will find an ever growing wealth of resources to help you make nature study a wonderful and intrinsic part of your homeschool. From wildlife sketching video tutorials from John Muir Laws, to activities to get your children out and excited about nature, to wonderful products to help you educate your children about natural history. This section of our site will be replete with ideas to help you educate your children about nature, as well as give them the opportunity to create a life long bond with nature.


Please keep up with our blog! Topics will range from all things homeschooling, to topics of interest to mothers and family life, as well as much more!


Very soon I will have an “Explore Literature” tab on the menu. This section of the site will include booklists for various ages, as well as wonderful literature for mothers. Literature and reading are cornerstones of our homeschooling, as well as my life personally, and I hope to share with you the titles that have brought wonder, joy, empathy, ethics, and adventure into our lives.


Next year I will begin creating travel adventure pages. These pages will offer full educational travel itineraries for various countries to help you create the educational trip of a lifetime. In each region, accommodations, historic sites, museums, historic re-enactments, cultural activities, and nature sites will be highlighted. There is nothing that compares to real life learning, and traveling is an amazing way to experience that.